My work springs from a love of printing fabric – be it recycled bedsheets, old poly. sheer curtains – worn linen tablecloths or silk – and a love of all things botanical.

The tools have been silk screens, djanting tools, discharge paste, soy wax, crockpots, string & wooden rods.

I love the steps through different processes and techniques : at that point each landing feels exciting and experimental. I relish the chance to delve deeper into a particular technique, range of colour or – as with the eco-printing – an exploration of which plants in the garden or on my daily walks have tannin and will give a clear print on the silk.

I have mostly shown my work in the local community where I live on the Sunshine Coast in BC.
Recently I was privileged to have a commission for scarves for a wonderful choir  “Inspirito” as well as teaching opportunities on Vancouver Island.

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